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The Big Circus on DVD at last…

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

It worked.  Enough of you out there sent enough letters to Warners to convince them to release it on their exclusive Warners Archive collection which is only available to American customers on their website.

They provide a preview on their site which shows that The Big Circus is in its original widescreen format and is a decent print.  To get your copy follow this link to Warners site.

As a Canadian I will have to find another way to get a copy, Ebay perhaps.

Thanks to reader Simon Howson for the heads up on this release.

Still it is finally out there in full widescreen glory.

The Big Circus revisited and Batmania…

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Gee Rhonda why aren't we out on DVD yet?Well, it’s been over a year now since we started The Big Circus Project here at Sparkplug.

For the casual reader, this is my quest to get a childhood favourite film – The Big Circus – on DVD.

Apparently Warner Brothers have the rights to the Allied Artists film catalogue and they are starting to bring them out on DVD as “Cult Classics”.  Today, as a matter of fact, Warners is bringing several Allied Artists science fiction films (World Without End and Satellite in the Sky) out on DVD as Best Buy exclusive double features.

I am sure that it is just a matter of time before they reach down into the pile and pluck up The Big Circus and bring it at last to DVD.

In the meantime, it is gratifying to hear from all of the fans of TBC out there.  And I thought that I was alone in my secret desire…


The Dark Knight continues to rack up new box office records every day.  It has made over $300 million so far and is showing no sign of slowing down.  There are even whispers that it could surplant Titanic as the biggest grossing film of all time. 

And that would be satisfying to any true Batman fan.

I am now appearing in Cinefantastique…

Friday, April 18th, 2008

CinefantastiqueA few months ago I kicked off the Culture Vulture feature with my review of CLOVERFIELD.  Well, feeling suitably inspired I decided to turn my hand at doing some serious reviews.  I have been avid reader of Cinefantastique magazine since 1973. 

Cinefantastique has been the leading publication covering science fiction, horror and fantasy films for almost forty years.  They are now thriving as an internet publication and I am honoured to be writing DVD reviews for them.  My first review has just been published and you can check it out here. (more…)

The Big Circus on DVD update…

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Walking across Niagara Falls in The Big CircusIt’s been over a year now since I set out on my quest to my all time favourite guilty pleasure – The Big Circus- released on DVD. 

While we have had no success yet I have had a number of fans of the film contact me here and through our Facebook Group expressing their support for our cause.  (more…)

The Big Circus Redux…

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Big Circus One Sheet PosterWe live in an age of deluxe DVD box sets that seem to cover all kinds of ephemera.  Do we really need a Special Director’s Cut of anything?  Or a disc of extras that runs longer than the film itself?  Or multiple commentaries from the Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Stars, Special Effects Geeks, Critics, Make up Department, Continuity Person and Grip? (more…)

The light of day (as in never see)…

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Are you sure that this is cold medication?I have been writing regular blog entries such as this one for eight months now. When you look at the sidebar to the right you see that this has numbered over 80 different postings on many of my favourite subjects including – politics, the movies, good books, communications practices, new technology and, of course, The Big Circus.

Most of the time I try to do this with some measure of good humour and fun. And, hopefully, nothing that I write comes back to haunt me (I have an ongoing nightmare about suddenly popping up on the “no fly” list because of my comments about Bush/Cheney). (more…)


Sunday, August 5th, 2007

It’s been a monumental task but I have fixed all of the past postings after the unfortunate software glitch of last month.  While the editing was a big job it did get me a chance to review past postings and remind me of some unfinished business including the cover letter which I did finally perfect and The Big Circus which I have woefully ignored for a couple of months. (more…)

More about cover letters and The Big Circus…

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

How much does a good cover letter mean?  Having read hundreds of them on the hiring side of the desk I think they are the most important part of the package.

If you have had good, progressive experience and can summerize it effectively in your resume then that shows that you have the requisite skills, experience and expertise.  Unfortunately, so I am beginning to believe, do the hundreds of other resumes that the hiring manager is reading at the same time. (more…)

The Big Circus DVD Project Update

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I started the Big Circus DVD project a couple of weeks ago and already when you search “The Big Circus DVD” on either Google or Yahoo I pop up near the top. Still no word on when the film will appear, however.

I can’t believe that there aren’t more Victor Mature junkies out there – come on folks the Mature cannon is not complete, we have seen My Darling Clementine and Kiss of Death added to DVD over the past couple of years, so why not The Big Circus. (more…)

All Hail President Cheney! The Big Circus Rolls On…

Friday, January 26th, 2007

As I noted in my State of the Union posting the other day, you could hardly see Cheney’s lips move when Bush was talking.  As a matter of fact I think that it’s time that the media and the American people started to recognize the obvious – that the real President of the United States since 2001 has been a Dick, Dick Cheney that is.

From this point, until the coven is finally exorcised from the White House, we should only refer to him as President Dick Cheney.  Forget the other guy; he’s just a patsy, the beard for the real darkness that has settled over Washington and the rest of the world.  Bush would then be free to go back to binge drinking and playing Gears of War, or whatever else he does during the day.

After all, Dick’s daughter didn’t wait to be outed, so why should he?  We already know who calls the shots, let’s just make it official. 

And speaking of the Big Circus…

It is now Day Three of The Big Circus on DVD countdown.  I am sad to report that there is no action on this front.  During the past couple of days I have notified the Internet Movie Database and Digital Bits websites about the campaign.  The immediate lack of response sucks, but we must soldier on. (more…)

The Big Circus on DVD Project

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Call this an experiment in collective communication.  Or call it a selfish desire to see one of my fond childhood memories again.

First some context, “The Big Circus” was an Irwin (Lost in Space, The Towering Inferno, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) Allen production from the very early 1950’s.  I can remember vividly seeing it in the Geneva Theatre in Orillia, Ontario on one of the hot summer nights during summer holidays. 

My parents took my brothers and I to see it and I was transfixed.  Action, mystery, lions on the loose, fires in the big top, all capped off with a final sequence tightrope walking across Niagara Falls. 

Unfortunately, The Big Circus, has never been on DVD.  It was available for a very short period in the 1980s when home video was in its infancy. 

Now, just to put this all in further context, we are not talking about great art here – the film stars Victor Mature for god’s sake.  And, I am certain that it is dated and silly as hell – but it is still a fond memory.  Maybe I can recapture some of the awe that I remember from my first viewing so long ago on that summer night.

Or maybe not.  But I am not alone.  Years ago I posted a comment on the film on the Internet Movie Database and received a number of enquiries from like minded anxious fans wondering if I had a copy of the film. (more…)