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Isn’t technology grand?

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

I was doing some routine and long overdue maintanence on the blog yesterday when an upgrade caused some havoc with the site.  You may notice that there are some weird character combinations in many of the older postings (which I am cleaning up).  This will take a while so please bear with me.

The gig…

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

I had a great time.  And got to see old friends who came out for some fun.

I spent a couple of hours spinning jazz discs under the able direction of DJ Steve before my set later in the evening.  As I said in yesterday’s posting I mixed it up to see what the crowd would like.  The idea of a soundtrack mix was undiscovered country so it was great to get a chance to try it out and see what flies. The crowd definitely responded better to the up tempo tracks, the slower more orchestral choices were not as popular.

The evening was a lot of fun and Steve has invited me back to do a follow up evening in the next couple of weeks, featuring an “up tempo” set of soundtrack music. 

When I have a firm date, I will post a notice. 

Tonight’s the night…

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

robot_monster1.jpgWell this is it, my big debut as a club DJ. I will be starting at 10 and going until 11:30.

The problem with soundtracks is that there are just too many good ones – it’s hard to represent everything in a tight hour and a half.

I’ve tried to mix it up with the familiar and the obscure.  Picking heroes and villians as a theme gives me a broad canvas to use.  Some of the pieces demand that you pay attention, while others serve as the perfect background for conversation.

Anyway the final selections have been made and the hours tick down to the event.

I will let you know tomorrow how it was received.


Monday, June 18th, 2007

sicko-poster-425.jpgI saw Michael Moore’s latest film “Sicko” over the weekend.  As he has in the past with the auto industry, the gun lobby and the Bush cabal, Moore has tackled a complex subject with both wit and emotion.

First of all the Health Insurance and Pharma Industries are going to go ballistic.  The American Health Insurance Industry is portrayed as a money grubbing machine that only produces one determination “Decline”.  The result of this has been financial ruin, emotional pain and even, in some cases, death.

The drug companies for their part pour billions into developing and marketing drugs to relieve the crippling stresses that the health insurers cause. 

The film presents one medical atrocity after another including hospitals that literally dump desperately ill patients, who cannot afford treatment, on skid row. Now, Mike does have a bit of a tendency to grandstand and twist reality. but unfortunately this is a reality that many regular Americans face daily.

Apart from the shareholders in the Insurance and Drug companies how is the public good served by all this insurance and drug company chicanery?  Has American gone that far down the road that millions of their citizens do not have access to health care?

As a Canadian it is my right to bitch and moan about the problems of our universal health care system.  However, when you see a horror film like “Sicko” you feel proud and privileged to live in a country where every citizen has access to decent health care.

In “Sicko” Michael Moore will hopefully open a debate about the ethics and morality of the practices of the American health care system. 

This is a film that should be seen by everyone to see what happens to a society where an essential service like healthcare is reduced to a profit making opportunity. View the Sicko trailer.

Heroes and Villians…

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

robot_monster1.jpgThis coming Tuesday night (June 19th) I will be creating a first (at least as far as my panel of experts can determine) as I compile a selection of my favourite movie soundtrack music to present live as “The Heroes and Villians Soundtrack Mix”. 

The event will be happening at the Midtown on College Street (just a couple of blocks west of Bathurst).  Click on the cool poster below for the details. (more…)

Some books for the beach…

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

With vacation time coming up quickly for most of us I thought that I might post a list of my favourite writers and books that I am looking forward to reading.

I am a huge fan of mystery fiction and there are several authors that I highly recommend.  Top of my list is James Lee Burke who has been writing excellent mystery fiction for almost two decades.  This summer we have a double helping of Burke with a new Dave Robicheaux novel and a book of short stories.  Both are set in post Katrina Louisiana which Burke makes vividly alive in the best southern gothic tradition.  The novel is “The Tin Roof Blowdown” and the short story collection is “Jesus Out to Sea“.  If you haven’t read James Lee Burke yet go quickly to your local bookstore and pick up an armful of the best fiction you could take to the beach this summer. (more…)