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A convenient untruth…

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Last time I wrote about the surge in viral misinformation purporting to pass for conventional wisdom here on the internet (boy that’s a mouthful).

The right wingnuts are currently waging a war on science and in the service of this they trot out a long list of junk scientists or in the case below, local weathermen who have no scientific credentials at all, just gut feeling. (more…)

The virus that crawled from the right…

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Barak Obama may have mastered internet fundraising, but the right wingnuts have certainly mastered the art of the viral message.

In the past couple of weeks I have had several of the most recent ones forwarded to me so that I can be “outraged” by some injustice or other. (more…)

Obama’s victory…

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

The endless Democratic primary season is finally ended and now that the smoke has cleared (a bit) Barak Obama is officially the winner.

This, of course, is historic. (more…)

Enduring the MTV Movie Awards – help, my IQ went down 20 points…

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

“Video killed the radio star.”

This Buggles (remember them) video launched MTV in the 1980’s.  And we loved it.  Now, we could gorge on a steady diet of new wave music served up around the clock.

At first MTV was edgy and trend setting, hip and cool.

That was then…


Summing up Robert Frost – “Out walking. Took a new path.”

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Can you paraphrase a classic work of literature in just six words?

Our friends over at Table Talk in Salon have issued the challenge and some of the results are just hilarious.  Here are just a few examples.

The times were good. Also bad. (A Tale of Two Cities)

Soldier rushes fate, gets cocky, loses.  (Macbeth)

Be good. Precisely how is unclear. (The Bible (Old Testament))

Nothing happens. Then nothing happens again.  (Waiting for Godot)

There are a whole lot more over at Salon, why not take a look.