James defends the baby seal hunt…

Sorry I didn’t post much last week, been busy, busy, busy…

My son James did his presentation defending the baby seal hunt (yeegads!) and it was well received by his class.  He made the point that if baby seals looked like baby lobsters no one would really pay too much attention to their harvest.  I’m not sure if I buy this logic but he supported it with facts about the economic impact on Newfoundland if the seal harvest was cancelled.

He was extremely pleased with the reception from his classmates and the fact that no one seemed to smell the odor of brimstone while he played devil’s advocate.  One thing I have to say about James is that he doesn’t take the easy path all the time.

Speaking of the easy path.  My Zen and the Art of Powerful Presentations workshop continues to travel along an interesting path.  Everytime I deliver it I end up learning more.  Call it the joy of teaching.  Last time out I got to hear more horrendous tales of presentations gone berserk.  Seems like everyone I talk to has a particular horror story to tell about their first hand experience in the presentation from hell.

Whether it’s PowerPoint abuses, speakers who stand with their backs to the audience, slides that don’t make any sense or bad hygiene everyone has a tale to tell.  And this is great because they give me a fresh supply of bad examples to use everytime I teach the workshop.

I’m thinking about holding a contest so that everyone can send along their favourite examples.


My friend Robert J. Sawyer has a new book out “Rollback”.  From the advance reviews and buzz, it looks like Rob has another best seller on his hands.  If you happen to be in Toronto this Saturday, April 14 Rob will be signing copies at a special launch at Bakka-Phoenix Books 697 Queen Street West (Queen west of Bathurst) at 3:00 p.m.  Come out, get a copy of the book and meet Rob, he’s a great guy.

If you are not lucky enough to live in Toronto Rob’s website has all the details on his upcoming Author’s tour. 

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