The Great Pulp Heroes

More shameless promotion…

Back in the 90’s my friend Don Hutchison wrote an excellent book on pulp magazines called “The Great Pulp Heroes”.  Many critics consider it to be one of the finest studies of the subject.  As a result the original printing was completely sold out and it has become a much sought after book.

“The coverage of the characters, content, authors, and even some of the artists of the pulp hero era of American popular literature within this volume are excellent and help you really understand the blood, sweat and tears that went into the development of the pulps. A must-read on the subject!”

Well, I am happy to report that it has just been reprinted in a new and improved second edition distributed by Simon and Schuster. And they have done a great job on the book, I especially love the cover which captures the spirit of the contents to a “T”. 

I am not much of a pulp fan, but I found the book really fascinating.  It gives us a look at an era, and a style of literature that defines it. 

Don has also authored several other books on pulp magazines including “It’s Raining Corpses in Chinatown”, its companion volume “It’s Raining More Corpses in Chinatown” and “Scarlett Riders” a collection of stories from the pulps featuring Mounties.

To give you a taste of this excellent book here is Don’s introduction.


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