Happy Birthday spam and you too SPAM…

in a canMay 1st marks the 19th birthday of the first spam message sent over the internet (or at the time the Arpanet).  On May 1, 1978 Gary Thuerk, an aggressive DEC marketer had the bright idea of sending out a special offer to a list of four hundred IT professionals on the west coast.  The reaction at the time was less than welcoming.

If it hadn’t been Gary, I’m certain that some other enterprising soul would have opened this Pandora’s Box.  Spam continues to be the number one complaint about the internet.  It clogs our e-mail boxes and its bastard children such as blog spam (blam) and chat room spam flourish. 

On the brighter side, the original SPAM from Hormel Foods is also celebrating a birthday. In this case its 70th birthday. 

Now, I must confess that I have never partaken of this culinary wonder but perhaps someday, after say, the apocalypse I might give it a whirl.  But there are obviously many dedicated fans of this faux foodstuff from the alarming number of websites dedicated to it. 

I must commend Hormel on their SPAM website.  It is a fun, though somewhat goofy, experience and shouldn’t be missed.

Be sure to click on the characters on the home page, they come to life in some amusing ways.  It’s refreshing to see a corporation which celebrates the irony of their main product.

With a undetermined shelf life, SPAM is likely to be with us forever.  Unfortunately, the same seems to be true about the e-mail variety as well.

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