Advertising Crimes…

We had a sad case recently of a taxi driver who was killed by a young person racing up one of Toronto’s busiest north south streets.  The car was traveling at around 140 km an hour when it broadsided the taxi and killed the driver.  The two lads involved – who were from monied families – received a sentence of one year’s house arrest and are both banned from driving for the next four years.

They denied accusations that they had been racing – which their lawyers denied – they were merely weaving in and out of traffic at high speed and just out for a little high spirited fun.  It was unfortunate that this cab driver just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This lengthy prologue leads me at last to my point – which is the criminal way in which many high end automobile manufacturers position their products.  Take for example this Acura ad that appeared recently in the New York Times Magazine. 


If you click on the image it will show you a larger version of the ad.

However, here is a sampling of the clever copywriting on this one, “The civilized way to handle aggression is to embrace it with 286 hp and sport suspension… Aggression has been refined.  Barely.”

To be perfectly fair the car does offer a number of important safety features that will come in handy when you find your aggression getting out of control.  Its solid metal frame and construction will help it slice through any unfortunate taxi cabs or other passenger vehicles that should get in its way.

And for showing us the way to channel all of our daily aggressions I award Honda the advertising crime of the week citation.

Now, I wonder if they make a hybrid model?

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