Heroes and Villians…

robot_monster1.jpgThis coming Tuesday night (June 19th) I will be creating a first (at least as far as my panel of experts can determine) as I compile a selection of my favourite movie soundtrack music to present live as “The Heroes and Villians Soundtrack Mix”. 

The event will be happening at the Midtown on College Street (just a couple of blocks west of Bathurst).  Click on the cool poster below for the details.

My friend D.J. Steve has been doing a jazz evening at the Midtown for several months and invited me to share some of my favourite movie music tracks.  In addition to his enormous knowledge of jazz and music in general, Steve is also a fantastic artist – both graphic and fine – and created the poster for this event.

I decided to go with the theme Heroes and Villians which allows for a huge range of music – in fact it was tough just trying to get it down to a tight hour and a half.  However, I think I have selected a great bunch of tracks – some of which will be familiar and some which are rather more obscure. 

So come on down to the Midtown around 9 on Tuesday night and see if you can guess the movies that the music has come from.

I’ll see you there.


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