sicko-poster-425.jpgI saw Michael Moore’s latest film “Sicko” over the weekend.  As he has in the past with the auto industry, the gun lobby and the Bush cabal, Moore has tackled a complex subject with both wit and emotion.

First of all the Health Insurance and Pharma Industries are going to go ballistic.  The American Health Insurance Industry is portrayed as a money grubbing machine that only produces one determination “Decline”.  The result of this has been financial ruin, emotional pain and even, in some cases, death.

The drug companies for their part pour billions into developing and marketing drugs to relieve the crippling stresses that the health insurers cause. 

The film presents one medical atrocity after another including hospitals that literally dump desperately ill patients, who cannot afford treatment, on skid row. Now, Mike does have a bit of a tendency to grandstand and twist reality. but unfortunately this is a reality that many regular Americans face daily.

Apart from the shareholders in the Insurance and Drug companies how is the public good served by all this insurance and drug company chicanery?  Has American gone that far down the road that millions of their citizens do not have access to health care?

As a Canadian it is my right to bitch and moan about the problems of our universal health care system.  However, when you see a horror film like “Sicko” you feel proud and privileged to live in a country where every citizen has access to decent health care.

In “Sicko” Michael Moore will hopefully open a debate about the ethics and morality of the practices of the American health care system. 

This is a film that should be seen by everyone to see what happens to a society where an essential service like healthcare is reduced to a profit making opportunity. View the Sicko trailer.

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