Sorry, it’s been a while…

photo-40.jpgI’ve been working on the proverbial BIG PROJECT for the past several months and have finished a first draft which is grander than I intended.  This is my excuse for not posting as regularly as normal, but now that the draft is finished I plan to start catching up on things here at Sparkplug.

First, some housekeeping….

As I promised several weeks ago I would let you know when the next soundtrack gig is scheduled at The Midtown.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen.  The Midtown has been just been sold and Steve’s regular Jazz Tuesday has been cancelled, along with my guest shot as soundtrack D.J. 

However, there is still hope that we will find a new home in a tavern in the town so stay tuned.

And Still More Signs of Decline…

Former Supreme Court Justic Sandra Day O’Connor has been urging state governors to promote more civics in their education programs because apparently a nationwide survey has shown that more American teenagers can identify the Three Stooges than could identify the three branches of government. 

And you wonder why George W. Bush was elected.  Knuck, knuck, knuck!

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