Rats, leaving…

Karl Rove Leaves the White HouseNow what is Bush going to do without his brain you might ask? 

Presidential Advisor Karl Rove AKA “Turd Blossom”, also AKA “Bush’s Brain”, has left the West Wing along with his squadron of flying monkeys.  Rove’s exit was not just a case of getting out while the getting out is good it is a whole new era in Washington – perhaps the “compassionate conservatism” Bush used as a sound bite during his first run at the Presidency.

Rove’s chair is hardly cool when Attorney Generalissimo Alberto Gonzales also takes a high jump.  You might think that the Bush coven is coming apart at the seams. 

Unfortunately, President Dummy still has over a year to do more damage. 

Some possible damage scenarios – let’s get out of Iraq and into Iran, they really do have WMDs, it would be a quick troop transfer across the border and on the way to Tehran. 

Or how about another Supreme Court appointment?  There are a couple of liberals left on the bench, if one of them croaks it’s an opportunity for Bush/Cheney to turn the clock back a hundred or so years.

Another terrorist attack on American soil.  Forget civil liberties and due process rampant fear and a stronger Patriot Act would take care of them and put America on the course to a true police state.

Dick Cheney decides to make a run for the presidency…  Well this really sits in the realm of science fiction, but stranger things have happened…

I’m sure we could all stay up nights dreading what Bush et al can still do in the time they have left, however, I for one will sleep more securely now that Rove and Gonzales have left the building.

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