The light of day (as in never see)…

Are you sure that this is cold medication?I have been writing regular blog entries such as this one for eight months now. When you look at the sidebar to the right you see that this has numbered over 80 different postings on many of my favourite subjects including – politics, the movies, good books, communications practices, new technology and, of course, The Big Circus.

Most of the time I try to do this with some measure of good humour and fun. And, hopefully, nothing that I write comes back to haunt me (I have an ongoing nightmare about suddenly popping up on the “no fly” list because of my comments about Bush/Cheney).

There have been occasions when I have written something and just decided that it needs to be “spiked” (an old newspaper term for killing a contenious story). There are many reasons for spiking an entry – libel, safety, common sense. But I think that it is a good practice to self censor my ravings.

You might be curious about what I have spiked over the past few months – a posting I wrote about toxic people I have known comes to mind. But, these are things best left in the drawer where they will never see the light of day.

As an enthusiastic blogger it is my responsibility to act as both a writer and editor and to recognize that there is a line and when it is not okay to cross it.

That said, I will not shy away from topics that I feel are in need of comment or any asses that deserve a damn good kicking.

Have a great Labour Day weekend.

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