Turning left to nowhere…

photo-50.jpgAlong with many great cultural attractions such as our new opera house and renovated museum, Toronto also features some really wonderful examples of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.  A case in point is along Lawrence Avenue west of Bathurst, where there is a left turn lane at one of the lights that leads to a private driveway.

The Toronto Star also points out another example – a left turn lane in an intersection where no left turns are allowed, ever.  Of course the symbolism of these two traffic ironies is not lost – it is forbidden to turn to the left and if you do you’ll end up nowhere. 

Now consider the example of the NASCAR drivers – those moonshine swilling, tobacco spitting, products of unholy marriages between brother and sister – whose only real talent is to drive fast and only turn to the left.  While they may drive around and around in an infinite leftward loop, it has not rubbed off on them at all.  They may steer to the left but they lean to the right. 

Remember, it was all those NASCAR dads who helped return the Bush crime family to the White House.

But I digress…

Turning left is a god given right that we all have, but it is also a right that needs to be protected or it might be taken away.  Look at the right to turn right on a red light, that has already been taken away in many U.S. states, Quebec and some third world countries.

So stand up, face to the left and declare your undying commitment to the principle of the left turn.

Thank you!

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