Has the fat lady sung for Pavarotti?

Pavarotti I Wanna Be SedatedI am saddened to see that my old friend Luciano Pavarotti’s health has declined and they are calling in the fat lady to sing a final aria for the famous tenor. 

Ever since his debut as Rodolfo in La bohème in the grand opera house in in Reggio Emilia Pavarotti has been the premier tenor in the world.

Okay so we can forgive him for his occasional indulgences such as his starring role in the cinematic stinker “Yes, Georgio” and his album of cover versions of Ramones hits.  Pavarotti had a wonderful instrument and will be remembered as one of the great stars of the modern opera.

On a happier note…

Universal Home Video has suspended their forthcoming release of “Yes Georgio, the 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition”.

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