Horror rises from the tomb…

life-of-brian.jpgNot since the Hindenburg disaster has a gasbag crashed so spectacularly as Brian Mulroney did last night during CTV’s exclusive one on one with the former PM.  I thought that Ben Mulroney had the biggest ego on CTV, but his dear old dad really took it to the bank with an awe inspiring litany of name dropping and rival slagging. 

Mulroney, as you will remember, handed command of the ship of state over to hapless Kim Campbell after it had hit the iceberg.  A scant six months later the once mighty Progressive Conservative party had been reduced to two seats in Parliament. 

All Kim’s fault of course, for “mishandling things”.

Now Brian is like one of the sneaky shites in the next office – quick to take any credit and quicker still to cast blame.  I had a chance to see him in person this past winter when he was the keynote speaker at the Environmental Printing Awards and I must say the man can fill a room with his ego.

Last night’s performance was just pathetic.  Even CTV which is a notorious Conservative Party media outlet would not let him off the hook when it came to questions about those suspicious payments. 

Brian who seemed to pontificate on every other subject had a terse “no comment” about l’affaire d’airbus.

He had no shortage of comments on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau questioning his “moral fibre” and blaming him for the defeat of the Meech Lake accord. 

Trudeau remained diplomatically silent on the subject of Mulroney’s remarks.

Of course, all the controversy is in support of Mulroney’s forthcoming doorstop of a book which is rumoured to be over 1,200 pages and is sure to join Conrad Black’s Nixon book in finer remainder bins coast-to-coast.

The reaction from Canadians has been a loud and clear call for a torch bearing mob to storm the castle, track him down and drive a stake through his heart once and for all.

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