Phil Spector faces a jury of his peers (if such a thing exists)…

Sideshow PhilThe latest celebrity murder trial in Hollywood has gone to the jury.  Phil Spector the originator of the famous “wall of sound” has cast his fate to a jury of his peers.

Phil, as you might recall, is as well known for the celebrities he has threatened with guns as the music he has produced.  Aritists he has worked with through the years run the gamut from The Beatles to The Ramones.The Real Sideshow Bob

The unsavoury entanglement that resulted in his legal difficulty had to do with a late night rendezvous with a B list actress that somehow resulted in gunplay and left the unfortunate B lister dead. 

Sad to say there will be no Barbarian Queen II.

Phil’s explanation of the whole mess is that the poor creature decided to commit suicide in his front hallway and seized the gun he just happened to be holding and shot herself – six times (okay, I made that part up). 

Somehow I think that Phil’s next big production is going to be Jailhouse Rock.  However, he is some sort of a celebrity and after the Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson trials nothing would surprise me. 

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