Where have the real Mad Men gone?

How to get ahead in advertisingMy friend Fred reminded me of another particularly offensive ad currently running on television – a car commercial where athletes are kidnapped and then hooked up, a la Coma, to automobiles – perhaps to steal their essence or something.

Normally, commercials are populated by people who appear to be on ecstasy, or are retarded or something, but this one is just too bizarre even for the twisted “creative geniuses” who now inhabit ad agencies.

What ever happened to the hard drinking, hard smoking, damn the expense account ad guys of yore. If you’ve been watching AMC’s Mad Men you’ll know who I mean. Mad Men is set in a New York ad agency in 1960 – which is like another universe. Everyone on the show smokes and drinks in their offices, which I understand was normal practice back in those days.

I still remember vaguely a time when people still smoked in their offices – though the memory is fading fast. And in my first job in the insurance industry many of the old timers used to wax nostalgic about the days when the office liquor cart would make its rounds on Friday afternoon.

Of course that was in the days when being sober after lunch was grounds for dismissal.

Now it’s all health clubs, low carb beer, turkey bacon and the kind of mindless creative constipation that produces ads like the coma car.

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