If I had a million dollar bill…

a million dollar billI wouldn’t try to pass it at Giant Eagle in Pittsburg, like a master criminal did on Saturday when he handed a million dollar bill to a cashier and waited patiently for his change.

Now, it’s been a while since I worked in retail but I don’t think the regular cash float would come anywhere close to holding change for a million. 

Well, maybe Costco.

At least Giant Eagle trains their staff in handling large bills.  Several years ago a cleark one of the large U.S. retailers actually did make change for a $300 bill which had George W. Bush’s picture on it.   However, if you pay $2.25 a hour that’s the kind of brain trust you attract.

The largest bill in circulation in the U.S. currently is $100.

How not to win an election…

Here in Ontario we are getting ready to go to the polls tomorrow.  With the incumbent Liberal government tap dancing around the issue of broken promises when the campaign started it looked like a cake walk for Progressive Conservative leader John Tory. 

The day before the election John Tory’s campaign (which centred on leadership and providing funding for faith-based schools) looks to become a text book study in how to mismanage an election.  His focus issue – increasing faith based funding – proved to be supremely unpopular with most citizens including many Conservative supporters.

By the time he flip flopped on it last week it was too late.

John Tory, trailing badly in the polls isn’t even expected to win a seat in the legislature. 

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