The Big Circus Redux…

Big Circus One Sheet PosterWe live in an age of deluxe DVD box sets that seem to cover all kinds of ephemera.  Do we really need a Special Director’s Cut of anything?  Or a disc of extras that runs longer than the film itself?  Or multiple commentaries from the Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Stars, Special Effects Geeks, Critics, Make up Department, Continuity Person and Grip?

Who has time to watch all of this?  Oh, I know there are the completests.  I know some.  But even they admit that they do not have the time to see everything. 

However, every once in a while Hollywood gets it right and offers up a real treat.  Lately, I have been enjoying watching box sets of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  These are extras and commentary lite.  Just the original half hour episodes shown in the order that they were originally broadcast.  I am also enjoying the first seasons of Hawaii Five 0, Perry Mason and Mission Impossible.

Still, we wait patiently for Warner Brothers to release The Big Circus on DVD.    There is hope, recently they have begun to package up cult classics such as The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (not a Russ Meyer film) and The Colossus of Rhodes.  Someone down there at WB is scraping the bottom of the film vault and at some point The Big Circus will likely come up.

Unfortunately, there appears to be nowhere on the Warner Brothers website to make a suggestion to release a film.  However, Warner regularly hosts live chat sessions with fans to discuss titles for possible release.  The best way to find out when the next one will be occurring is to regularly check the Digital Bits website at for announcements. 

Digital Bits is also a great place to get information on forthcoming DVD releases and industry news.  They even have Canadian content in the form of Classic Coming Attractions by Torontonian Barrie Maxwell.  Barrie’s column is a must read for any classic film fan.

So in short, nothing happening on The Big Circus DVD front.  However, get involved and join in the next chat with Warner Home Video when it is announced. 

Experience shows that they do respond to requests.

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