Happy 100!

beam collisionThis is my 100th posting to the blog. 

When I started the blog late last year I had some idea of what I would be doing with it, but as any bit of pond scum can tell you, it evolved.

I wanted Sparkplug to reflect a new trend in communications – interactive, open source – where everyone would have a say in the content and direction. 

I saw myself as kind of ringmaster in the circus that I hoped it would become. 

Instead it has become something different from what I imagined.  And it has allowed me to voice my opinions of a variety of subjects that I hold near and dear – the alarming direction that the world is taking, various marketing and advertising follies, the inevitable changes that life leads us through, pop cultural trends and the infinite quest to get The Big Circus on DVD.

More importantly it has led old friends, and people I had lost touch with, back to me for which I am very grateful.

Sparkplug has been on the air, so to speak, for almost a year now and I want to thank all of you who are loyal readers.  I am amazed when I view the page view stats just how many of you there are out there and how widespread you are.  I especially want to thank all those who have taken the time to comment both publicly and privately on what you have read here.

As the site moves into its second year I am planning to make a few changes – mix things up a little.  So please stay tuned, I think you will be pleased with the next evolution.

Thanks again and keep reading.


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