Writer’s Guild Strike Day Four…

2 members of the Sparkplug writing teamAs you fans of the Daily Show and Late Night with David Letterman have seen by now, the Writer’s Guild of America has gone on strike.  This, in a nutshell, will mean no new episodes of many popular television programs in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, as a signatory of the WGA collective agreement, Sparkplug’s writing staff has joined their brothers and sisters out there on the picket line (which is upsetting my neighbours and their dogs). 

I fear for my children’s safety as they are forced to cross the picket line on their way to and from school.  My wife is demanding that we call our caterers and have their lunches cut off until the strike is resolved.  I think that this may be a bit extreme but zany times sometimes call for extreme measures.

Therefore, it was not an easy decision for me to make – but one on principle I felt I must – to employ “temporary writers” to maintain the quality you have come to expect from Sparkplug. 

Starting in the next paragraph our new writing team will be filling in until the writer’s strike winds its tragic course.


It used to be in the good old days of strike breaking we were merely pommeled with picket signs supported by pine staves and other softwood lumber.  Today, to my horror, I found out first hand what sort of permanent damage a piece of maple can inflict. 

I understand that everyone is a tad emotional about being forced out in the cold, but is that any excuse to be impolite?  This morning on my way over from the temp agency I was subjected to shouted abuse from angry pickets who constantly referred to me as “a #*$&^% scab!” or “you %&**%$# dips**t!”. 

Don’t they understand that I have to earn a living as well?  Don’t they know I have an epic unpublished novel  at home too? 

What the hell was that?  It sounds like glass breaking!  I thought you told us we would be safe.  What the hell are they throwing?  Rocks? 

I’m getting the he…  gupt ouoqthoh qwhtt4igtgfb wfwthigbkdfaf gurp…..

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