Santa Claus Parade 2007 Update…

santaworkshop.jpgI have been busy dealing with the 250,000 or so packages of candy that we are feverishly emptying out of counter packs and into our float for Sunday.  Cadbury and Kraft have both donated literally tons of treats for the celebrity clowns to toss to the crowds and it is a formidable task to process it all and get it packed in boxes ready to move down to the route on Sunday morning.

candy.jpgHowever, we have lots of willing and able help and the job is quickly getting done thanks to many friends and family. 

2muchcandy1.jpgI think by the time the Parade is over on Sunday I don’t want to eat another Mini Egg again, delicious as they are.

Tonight we had our annual Marshals’ get together out in the warehouse.  Most of us only see each other twice a year and it is nice to renew old friendships.  All of the Marshals are volunteers, as are the float drivers (who are Paramedics), security staff and float animators (Boy Scouts and Girl Guides). 

Alf and his team have really pulled all the stops out this year and as these pictures show, the result is spectacular (as always).

penquin.jpgI finally checked the long term forecast for Sunday and it looks at this point as if it will be a pleasant day out there for the hundreds of thousands we expect to attend.

Well, I have to get back to work, there’s still candy to unpack. 

I hope to see you all on Sunday.


I have just learned that in Australia (where Christmas comes in the middle of the summer) they have asked Santa Claus (s) not to use the traditional “Ho, Ho, Ho” as it might be offensive to women.

Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up.

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