Is there such a thing as too much candy?

The Parade LogoAbout 8:00 last night I was starting to think so.  We had just finished four days of unpacking counter displays of packages of Cadbury Mini Eggs and dumping them loose back into boxes.  As you can see from yesterday’s posting this is one hell of a lot of Mini Eggs for the clowns to toss out to the crowd this Sunday.

Still, it was with a sense of satisfaction that we stacked the last box on its pallet ready to load into the truck. 

Satisfaction, as we all know, is fleeting and Alfie called first thing this morning to let me know that the other shipment of candy this time from Kraft, had arrived at the warehouse.  Tonight, we go back at it, furiously unloading displays of Mini Orios to get them ready for Sunday.  Luckily, the Orios don’t weigh nearly as much as Mini Eggs, but they are just as good (I play no favourites here).

The only cloud on the horizon is that because of Air Canada’s computer crash this morning Santa missed his flight to Toronto.  When we talked to him this afternoon he swore that he would be “only be taking the sled from now on!”

But all is well he is already in the air and on his way.

Now, Alfie and his crew are busy today and tonight putting the finishing touches on the floats.  Tonight we will be working along with them desperately trying to get all of the Mini Orios unpacked and ready to load.

Is there such a thing as too much candy?  I don’t think so.

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