T minus 18 hours and counting…

a-sign.jpgLast night we tucked right into the five large pallets of Mini Oreos but decided that eating them all wasn’t a viable option.  Our unpacking crew was especially energetic and managed to not only unpack and prepare all of the Oreos but also packed all of the candy and cookies in our truck.

santas-sled.jpgNormally, we pack the truck the day before the parade, so today we had our first day off in almost a week.  Tomorrow morning my brother Will and I will get up at the ungodly hour of four a.m. and head out to the warehouse to drive the truck down.  We will be leading a caravan of twenty five floats and various spare vehicles as the parade is moved down to position along Bloor Street at Christie.

Despite the police escort, there have been “incidents” in the past, usually involving overly refreshed drivers winding their way home after a night of celebration driving their cars off the road at the sight of an eighteen foot long polar bear.

Perhaps the strangest is the two drunks who would show up year after year with a monkey dressed as Santa and asked if he could be in the Parade.  The Parade, of course, is no place for monkey business and the answer was always a firm “not this year”.

empty-warehouse.jpgThis morning they started moving the floats out of the secret warehouse.  Today and tomorrow are the only days all year when you could play volleyball in the warehouse.  The rest of the time you can barely squeeze through the maze of floats and costumes.

Well Parade day always comes early so I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the day and save my energy for tomorrow.

See you at the Parade!

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