Is my cellphone trying to kill me?

WMDWired features a weird story today about a South Korean who authorities believe was killed by his cellphone battery exploding.  While this was unusual enough to catch my eye I was disturbed to see that the phone in question was an LG. 

I have been carrying an LG cellphone on my hip for the past year and can report no instances of battery blast, at least none I am aware of – though when I first owned it it would mysteriously stop working, a condition that Bell Mobility said was caused by not charging it. 

Hey, they should tell you these things up front.  I guess I should have known this from my experience working at the Service Department at Canadian Tire for a couple of years.  Every so often we would get a confused driver in who couldn’t understand why their brand new car had just stopped working.  Usually it was easy for us to diagnose by asking them to tell us what the gas gauge was reading. 

But I thought in our modern techno-go-go world we were beyond that.  Shouldn’t there be nuclear powered cell phones by now?

Apparently not. 

But, I guess this makes some sort of sense.  Afterall if there were, a defective nuclear powered cellphone wouldn’t just take out its user, it would likely make the entire neighbourhood glow in the dark for the next ten thousand years.

And that wouldn’t go over well with the neighbours.

But I digress…

I hope that if there is some sort of defect in the LG’s (a company that from my experience makes good quality, reliable equipment like my DVD player) then surely the company will notify us. 

At the very least they should send a text message.

Update on this…

Today’s Wired features an update on yesterday’s rather apocalyptic story about exploding cellphone batteries.  Turns out that the cause of death might not have been a cellphone explosion after all. 

Read all about it here.

Sparkplug will keep you updated on this as it develops.

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