Facebook blinks!

I'll be watching you!Further to my posting of the other day, Facebookies can breath a little easier.  Facebook has made a significant change in the way that Beacon will announce your on line purchases.

Instead of opting out (remember negative billing) you now have to opt in to allow Facebook to announce your buying habits to the world. 

While this is, at least, a concession on Facebook’s part it still begs the question of just what Facebook will be doing with all the information it gathers on its members.  In other words, if you opt out will your purchase information still reside with Facebook to be used for some other nefarious purpose?  And will Facebook surrender it like a drunken debutant on prom night when the Department of Homeland Stupidity comes asking.

As we all know, Bin Laden and his terrorist thugs are currently living under our beds and we need to give up every trace of our privacy to keep them at bay.

Or can we depend on Facebook’s ethics to keep our information from the prying eyes of the state.  Sound overly paranoid, Google co operated with the Chinese government in blocking access to the internet.  I think when it comes to ethics and any self-respecting global corporation it stops at the bottom line.

When it comes to social networking, we, unfortunately give up way to much information already – like stupidly posting pictures of yourself cradling your very favourite bong – without the help of new technology to track our private purchasing information. 

It is also important to remember that Facebook is only the gatherer here, the commerce sites we deal with such as Blockbuster and Amazon are the providers.  They need to understand that our transactions with them are sacred and not to be shared with anyone, especially the rest of the world.

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