What’s wrong with waterboarding and other loose comments…

ESPN presents the CIA Waterboarding ChampionshipsI see that there is a major scandal brewing south of the border over some waterboarding tapes the CIA destroyed. 

So what?  It’s not as if we don’t get enough xtreme sports on television already.  Just the other day I watched the Bosnian Minefield Body Surfing Championship which was a total shredder. 

It’s only sports after all, it’s not like they destroyed videos of torture or something.  By the way, who is the Tony Hawk of Waterboarding anyway? 

And all this talk of a Senate Hearing – is there rampant steroid use in Waterboarding? 

If so, then I am for it.

Alex, what is a mild cardiac infarction?

Shocking news for all Jeopardy fans, longtime host and SNL foil Alex Trebek, has suffered a mild heart attack.  Thankfully, Alex is resting well in an expensive California hospital wishing he had retained his Canadian citizenship and national health care. 

If all goes well, Alex will be back at the podium in January.  Get well soon Alex.

Conrad Black gets his just desserts (and we all know how much he enjoys dessert)…

Yesterday, Conrad “Big Piehole” Black faced the judge and was handed a slap on the wrist, though Lard Black of Cross Dressing didn’t see it that way.  It was, in Conrad’s view a terrible miscarriage of justice. 

In the eyes of his former stockholders the real miscarriage of justice was that it wasn’t the twenty years they had been expecting. 

So starting in March, Conrad again gets to live high on the hog on somebody else’s money.

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