A creature of habit…

Toad in the HoleI’m not sure what the line is between being a creature of habit and just being plain anal.

We all have our rituals – I drink exactly two cups of coffee with double cream every morning before nine.  I read my newspapers in a specific order from front to back.  I never put salt or pepper on my food without tasting it first.  And I spend 43 seconds every day pondering why so many people continue to agree with Rush Limbaugh. 

I put my clothes on in a specific order – working from the ground up.  I cook the same breakfast every Saturday morning – scrambled eggs, bacon and rye toast.  I walk to the library using the same route, I read my New York Times Review of Books with breakfast every Wednesday morning (even though it comes on Sunday).  When they still published it, I read my TV Guide with breakfast on Tuesday morning. 

Now, when I take inventory, it’s beginning to sound anal…

But we do tend to cling to the familiar and the comfortable as a security blanket in a rapidly changing world.  An example is the rush back to comfort food after 9/11.  In the months after the towers fell there was a marked rise in the consumption of meatloaf and spaghetti as if to take us back to a simpler, less dangerous time. 

My personal favourite food during this time was Toad in the Hole, a comforting mixture of pork sausage and Yorkshire Pudding which I consumed as often as I could (thank you low cholesterol).

For me the rituals of my life likely substitute for my lack of religious belief.  Those of you who do believe can take comfort in imagining some sort of after-life.  However, those of us who do not, can only contemplate the dark void into which we will be hurled (to paraphrase Bruce Springsteen).

Depressing eh?  It is no wonder that we hang on to our daily rituals so tightly, like savants, or the creatures of habit that we are. 

Now, if you will excuse me it is 11:56 a.m. and time for me to spend exactly four minutes working on the crossword puzzle in today’s Globe and Mail.

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  1. Being a creature of habit is not a bad thing, as long as those habits are good and positive. The other beauty of being that creature of habit is when and if you have a bad habit – your constitution that is so habit-formed – is easier to allow a switch of habit.

    If you can replace those “bad” habits (Rush Limbaugh?) with good ones… then your goals and successes are near to you.

    Believe in yourself, replace fear with the faith that YOU can do it, that You are getting better each day.

    Here is a link to a blog I recently did in regards to steps to success:


    I know it will works for you and your readers…

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