The strife of Brian…

lyin' BrianIt had all the makings of an FBI sting.  Clandestine meetings in hotel rooms.  Bulging envelops of cash.  Unreported income.  Disputed amounts.  Swiss bank accounts.

At the very least it is astonishingly bad judgement.  Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney ‘plainin’ about the cash he received from a convicted German arms dealer, allegedly to pay his expenses while he helped out in a pasta business.

Now Brian has never been one of our more popular Prime Ministers as evidenced by the spectacular reduction in the number of seats in the first election after he resigned.  The old Progressive Conservative party was decimated – going into the election they held a majority after the election they held two seats.

Of course this wasn’t Brian’s fault he had left things in great shape and his successor Kim Campbell had mucked in up in the two or three months she was Prime Minister.  But then you would expect this kind of hubris from a man who’s ego is almost as large as his chin.

When rumours of a cash for influence scandal first stirred around Ottawa Brian sued and won a multi million dollar settlement from the Liberal Government.  And that was the end of it we thought.  The sickening possibility that a former Prime Minister had taken wads of cash in some sort of sleazy enterprise was put to rest. 

Or so we thought.

Unfortunately for Brian, those rumours never seemed to quite go away.  And then Airbus middle man  Karlheinz Schreiber facing extradition to Germany where he stands accused of bribery, corruption, fraud and tax evasion – my, my what company Brian keeps.

Karlheinz also alleges that he paid delegates expenses to turn up at the Tory convention and vote against then leader Joe Clark. 

And the chorus of voices raised up to defend Brian against these vile charges – strangely silent, except for former Mulroney Deputy Prime Minister Eric Neilson (Leslie’s brother) who  was quoted as saying, “I think there was a phrase that attached to Brian years ago where he was known as Lyin’ Brian, and for my own part, I believe that they’re both in the same boat – Schreiber and Mulroney.”

Asked if he believed Mulroney’s testimony Neilson chuckled and answered, “no”.

Well, it’s beginning to look like a long haul through the muck for both Mulroney and the Conservative Party.  Prime Minister Harper (ugh, I hate the sound of that) has been using Lyin’ Brian as a senior advisor for the past few years so it is going to be difficult to completely distance himself and the party from this scandal. 

And you thought that Louisiana politics was fun. 

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