The audacity of hope…

The madness of the Presidential rally has begun with the Iowa caucas last week and the New Hampshire primary tonight.  The results in a nutshell so far:  Clinton down, Romney down, Huckabee up, Obama up, McCain up, Edwards moving sideways. 

In 2004 when an unknown Barak Obama delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic Convention it was a defining moment.  You could feel the electricity and the optimism in the air.  Next he won a Senate seat and went to Washington and then he decided to run for President. 

And the tired, gray mass rose out of the quagmire of the Democratic Party and announced that he was “too inexperienced” and why would he even bother, Hillary Clinton had been all but nominated.

However, Obama persisted and his twin messages of change and hope are now being echoed by all the other candidates including the tired old white men who are running for the Republican nomination.

I am old enough to just remember John Kennedy and his unbridled optimism for America.  What a contrast to the current occupant of the White House.  Kennedy inspired us by pointing to the moon and declaring “Let’s go there”.  The current President points to the dark ages and declares “Let’s go there”.

Now, in the shadow of failed U.S. policy in every front – foreign relations, the economy, the war of terrorism, health care and the environment – there is a lot of room for hope.

And what the heck, every bad clown knows they can look good if they follow a mime.

I look at Obama and see his youth, his enthusiasm and his optimism and it is not  hard to feel a vague stirring sense of hope once again.  Not to mention a man who can actually make a speech without hopelessly mangling the English language.

If Obama takes New Hampshire as the polls show he is likely to he will be unstoppable in his quest for the nomination and the Presidency.

And then he will get the chance to translate his optimism into action and that’s where the real work begins. 

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  1. Peter McGarvey says:

    I got it wrong and the polls got it wrong. Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire by a thin margin. However, it is very much a horse race to the Democratic nomination and it will make for some interesting politicing over the next few months.

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