Father of the Year…

Who's your daddy of the year?US magazine has named Kevin Federline (AKA K-Fed, AAKA Mr. Ex Britney Spears) as “Father of the Year” a move that I find akin to naming Sweeney Todd “Stylist of the Year”. 

And where does that leave the millions of regular dads who struggle every day just to provide a decent life for their children?  

Have we really sunk that deep into the celebrity morass that this lunkhead, waste of space, non-entity is seriously considered father of the year? 

If so, I take it as another sign that we are heading into the end times.  What next, Paris Hilton displaying bloody stigmata?

So what is the magic that makes K-Fed father of the year material?  To quote one of Federline’s syncopats, excuse me, “friends”, old Kev is just the perfect poppa,

“For most guys in Kevin’s situation, home would be the ultimate bachelor pad. But for Kevin, he made it all about the kids. He’s got toys everywhere. You can totally tell it’s all about the kids at home.” 

Of course Kevin has toys all over the place, they are his. 

Still, I can’t blame K-Fed, he’s just a lucky guy who hopped on a gravy train.  The real crime here is US Magazine and its ilk which feed the public’s insatiable appetite for all things celebrity.  Whether it’s Britney, Paris, Heath or Lindsay the public feeds on the latest trials and tribulations of the celebrity class. 

So shame on us.  It’s like a bad car accident – we just can’t seem to turn away. 

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