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Waiting for the carrion of cultureMany years ago a friend passed along an advance review copy of a new album by U2 called “The Joshua Tree”. 

He suggested that the first time I listen to it should be in the dark through headphones.  I took his advice and from the first note of “Where the Streets Have No Name” I was transported. 

I have been a huge U2 fan ever since.

U2 3DI am a decorated veteran on both the Zoo TV and PopMart tours and still bear the scars from an exploding butane lighter held aloft during “One”.

Over the years I have attended big rock shows by such icons as Hendrix, The Doors, Lennon, McCartney, Talking Heads, The Police, but nothing gives me more of a thrill than seeing the boys from Dublin entrall a stadium full of folks.

So when someone said “U2 3D in IMAX” I broke out in goose-flesh. 

However, nothing could prepare me for the dis-corporate experience that the film creates.  The skillful use of 3D projects you into the audience, then above it and then on stage all driven by perfect IMAX surround sound.  This is miles better than any live concert I have ever attended.

For any U2 fan and there was an audience filled with them it was a pure orgasmic experience, people were singing along and waving their cellphones high. 

Bono 3D's the audienceIMAX is the perfect venue for U2 with its larger than life theatrics and staging. 

If I have any complaint about U2 3D it is that at 90 minutes the film is too short.  Still it’s a half hour longer than any live concert I have seen at Casino Rama. 

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  1. Promod says:

    Rolling Stones At The Max is terrific too (and also too short). I became a U2 fan when I Will Follow was being released back in 1980. The sound was so fresh. I first saw them live during The Unforgettable Fire tour in Ottawa. The energy they exuded surpassed every concert I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see them as they were in those days.

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