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Picking the bones of a bankrupt cultureFor years non football fans have tuned in the annual spectacle of the Superbowl just for the commercials. 

While the games have varied in intensity for the advertisers it is a chance to make a big splash in front of a huge audience, albeit an expensive one (30 seconds on this year’s broadcast cost over $2.5 million).However, the payoff can be enormous.  Just ask Apple who launched the first Macintosh with the notorious “1984” ad directed by Ridley Scott.Steve Jobs is Watching You!

For years, we Canadians were blocked out of the action by Canadian broadcasters who offered us a rather anemic selection of ads, most of which were tired long before they ever graced the Superbowl.  This forced Canadian Superbowl commercial fans to all kinds of extremes such as travelling to Buffalo to watch the game and the ads in crowded and noisy Hooters.

Now, with the internet we can enjoy all of the ads along with the American fans.  You can see every ad in the order that they were broadcast by going to the AOL Sports page dedicated to the Superbowl Ads.  They are even conveniently arranged by quarter.

I would especially recommend the Bud Light ads and the FedEx pigeon ads.  There are also hilarious commercials for Tide and Cars dot com. 

However, unless you are a real masochist avoid the atrocious Sales Genie Panda ad which verges on outright racism and is easily the worst of the bunch. 

Also avoid the boring, uninspired spots for GMC, UnderArmor and Dell.

Good, bad or boring the 2008 Superbowl certainly paid off for its advertisers with the highest ratings in the history of the event. 


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  1. Promod says:

    I don’t get it. People who don’t like football will go to the extreme of actually watching football just so they can watch the ads.

    Haven’t those folks heard about the Internet and search engines? As you point out, the ads are posted online for repeat viewing. No need to sit through the inconvenience of watching the game ;0

  2. Peter McGarvey says:

    And I wonder if this is about to change. Yesterday, the NFL announced that the Buffalo Bills will play eight season games here at the Rogers Centre. That’s nearly half their season schedule. And Ted Rogers was quoted as saying that there will be tickets available for under $100 (only 2 however, first come, first served).

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