The Oscars – Old Men Find Country…

Give me my Oscar, friendo!As I predicted last week “No Country for Old Men” won four Oscars last night – Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and Best Picture. 

Apart from that I also correctly picked Best Animated Feature and Best Original Screenplay. 

I missed on Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Documentary, Best Supporting Actress and Best Foreign Film. 

I felt that Jon Stewart did a capable job hosting the three and a half hour extravaganza which, according to the overnights, scored the lowest ratings in the past six years.

The lack of big budget studio films in the major categories and the overall grimness of the nominees (Juno excepted) likely accounts for this. 

Oscar's salute to lamebrains.Oscar turned 80 last night so we were bombarded with a disproportionate amount of clip montages saluting various decades.  These were no doubt holdovers from the writerless broadcast if the WGA had not settled a couple of weeks ago.

While Stewart’s monologue and material was sharp, the presenters were left with the usual dreck from the regular writers.  It never fails to amaze me how a town filled with talent can produce such a lame show every year. 

The lamest bit of the evening was Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill who burned up precious minutes of my life with an unfunny bit about being Halle Berry and Dame Judy Dench.  Ho hum.

Overall the broadcast had some technical hitches including intermittent audio problems and superimposed titles that ran off the screen.  This was especially annoying during the overlong salute to the previous 79 Best Picture winners when you could not even read the title and year of the film.

The highlight for me was the Best Song Oscar which went to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the stars of  “Once” who performed that film’s song, “Falling Slowly”.  Irglova was cut off before she could make her acceptance speech and a few minutes later Stewart trotted her back out so she could speak.  A nice touch on an otherwise stilted evening.

Here’s hoping they can lighten it up for Oscar 81, friendo. 

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  1. Promod says:

    Attaboy, Peter!

    We didn’t watch a moment of the Oscars. Or eagerly check on the winners the next day. Thanks to recommendations like yours and sources like IMDB, we can get a good sense of movies we’d like without waiting for awards.

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