It’s good news week…

Honk if you're scared of bad actorsIn my dream I am being chased by Patch Adams.  Not the real life doctor you understand, but Robin Williams decked out in clown shoes and a red bulb nose.  He is honking a horn and trying to get me to laugh.

But I am terrified.  Because it can only mean bad news.  If Patch Adams is trying to cheer me up then I am probably doomed.   

Remember, there is never a good time for bad news, even if it is being delivered by a pudgy former comic who wants to do “serious” drama, while dressed up like Bozo. 

Bad news is like good vodka, best served straight. 

And we have had plenty of bad news recently – Canadian soldiers continue to die in Afghanistan, the stock market looks more like a Six Flags thrill ride, Obama and Clinton continue to duke it out for the Democratic nomination, McCain says he doesn’t care if the war in Iraq lasts a hundred years, thousands have lost the family home, the horrors of Darfur and Bush is still in office until next January. 

Do you hear the plaintive honk of Patch Adams’ horn? 

So is there any good news out there? 

Well, as a matter of fact there is.  Millions of people around the world will be sitting in the dark for an hour this Saturday night in symbolic support of doing a better job to conserve our resources.  Also on the good news front is Maxwell House coffee’s current advertising campaign that promises to “brew some good” by creating low cost ads and dedicating the difference to do some good. 

This morning they picked up the subway tab for hundreds of riders here in Toronto and had Chantal Kreviazuk busk on one of the platforms (for a donation to her favourite charity).  Normally, the cost of producing a television commercial for Maxwell House costs parent company Kraft around $250,000.  Their new ad cost $19,000 to produce, leaving them with over $200,000 to brew up some acts of random kindness. 

There is still more on the good news front.  We can expect a new Indiana Jones adventure in the theatres this May.  Though this may be a mixed blessing when you contemplate the image of an aged Harrison Ford cracking the whip. 

And still our cup runneth over with good news… 

The new issue of Wired just arrived in the post along with the latest L.L. Bean catalogue (double happiness), The Riches are back for a second season, HBO’s John Adams miniseries is terrific and Battlestar Galactica start a new season next week.

Oh, and did I mention that the Bush debacle only lasts until January.

So screw you Patch, it’s good news week after all.

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