Driven to distraction…

This morning my mind is going in six different directions and getting nowhere.

I have a whole bunch of things to do this week but I just can’t seem to get started.  I look at the list – postings to write, office to organize, expenses to log, software to learn, workshop to outline, marketing to finalize – and I am overwhelmed. 

Then my mind starts creating distractions – watch CNN for a few minutes, read part of an article in a trade journal, think about what I am going to have for lunch, write a haiku.  Do anything but the tasks that really need to be done.

Sorry I went away for a few minutes to check out a couple of websites. 

Now I am ready to go to work…

Well, after I look at this funny video on YouTube that my daughter told me about. 

Okay I am back, though the YouTube detour took a lot longer than I thought, you’d be amazed at some of the tricks cats can be taught.

Oh wait, I hear the mailman, I’ll be right back…

InspirationSorry, the new issue of Fast Company arrived and I gave it a good skimming – there was an excellent article on procrastination that I will try to finish later.

And it’s time for lunch already, I’ll have to write a posting once I have recharged with some chicken soup and a sandwich.  

But don’t worry I’ll get right on it this afternoon. 

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  1. The real way to get going here is to look at that list and do the thing you want to do LEAST – FIRST! Then the rest of the day is a great one!

    Make it a habit to start your day with that least-favorite item on the to-do list! It takes a few attempts and then it becomes habit and then each day and every day is a better day!

    Wow – You are a full fledged card-carrying member of Procrasti-Nation…

    You need to get here:

    And get going!

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