It Came From Beneath the Org Chart

I have been struggling recently in an attempt to come up with a job title for myself. 


It used to be so simple, you were either a President, Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Director, Manager, Supervisor or drone. 

Now, with the advent of new technology and new corporate paradigms there is a lot more choice.  In fact way too much choice.  Too many people are being allowed to define their own job titles.  And some of the choices are just, well, bizarre.


Here are 25 of my favorites.

  1. Corporate Interactions Liaison
  2. Dynamic Paradigm Orchestrator
  3. Central Functionality Executive
  4. Chief Accountability Consultant
  5. Legacy Marketing Technician
  6. Corporate Metrics Officer
  7. International Interactions Orchestrator
  8. Direct Branding Analyst
  9. Senior Optimization Administrator
  10. Lead Implementation Technician
  11. Regional Interactions Manager
  12. International Response Facilitator
  13. Customer Configuration Representative
  14. International Quality Specialist
  15. District Metrics Executive
  16. Forward Research Assistant
  17. Investor Usability Executive
  18. Central Branding Technician
  19. Human Intranet Administrator
  20. Future Implementation Architect
  21. Global Paradigm Representative
  22. Regional Functionality Developer
  23. Senior Integration Designer
  24. Dynamic Identity Coordinator
  25. Lead Factors Consultant

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One Response to “It Came From Beneath the Org Chart”

  1. Douglas Dodds says:

    I agree, Peter; bizarre and mostly ridiculous. I wonder, however, about the alternatives. Do you really want an Inhuman Intranet Administrator, or a Backward Research Assistant? On the other hand, some people and companies change their personalities and their brand so often that perhaps a Static Identity Consultant would be a good thing. As for a History Implementation Architect, I think that History can take care of itself.

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