I am now appearing in Cinefantastique…

CinefantastiqueA few months ago I kicked off the Culture Vulture feature with my review of CLOVERFIELD.  Well, feeling suitably inspired I decided to turn my hand at doing some serious reviews.  I have been avid reader of Cinefantastique magazine since 1973. 

Cinefantastique has been the leading publication covering science fiction, horror and fantasy films for almost forty years.  They are now thriving as an internet publication and I am honoured to be writing DVD reviews for them.  My first review has just been published and you can check it out here.

I will be publishing reviews on a regular basis with them.

Sad News…

Ollie Johnson, the last of the original Disney animators passed away this week.  Years ago I had the opportunity to meet Ollie along with Frank Thomas when they were in Toronto to promote their book on Disney animation.  Ollie had a real “aw shucks” quality about him and seemed to really enjoy the serious attention being paid to classic Disney animation. 

The Big Circus…

Still eludes DVD release.  However, the piles of backlist titles are shrinking every day and one can only hope that our favourite circus epic will see a DVD release soon.  If you feel so moved, an email to Warner Home Video who appear to hold the rights would be helpful.

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