Future landfill…

It was Earth Day yesterday and I was thinking about all of the useless junk that ends up in landfill every year. 

Get your future landfill todayThe reason that I was thinking about useless junk in the first place was a result of being dragged (kicking and screaming) to one of those Flea Markets that dot our landscape.

If the sight of leather clad bikers, pot bellies in wife beater T shirts and ample ladies overflowing their spandex and tube tops isn’t enough to depress you, the stalls full of useless junk and trinkets certainly will. 

Row after row of booths crammed with rusting tools, cheap carpets and dubious meat products convince me that I have truly reached the end of civilization. 

This is the last frontier for the unlicensed, uninspected and unsafe.  Collectors’ knives that look like they would come apart if you stabbed a watermelon.  Dollar bags containing fifteen cents worth of stale candy.  NASCAR trinkets and trash.  The entire line of WWE branded products.  Perfumes and scented oils that will make your skin burn.  Jerky that might have been made from bunnies.

Its all here at the neighbourhood flea market.

As I wander about trying to block out the ambiance I toy with the idea of setting up my own booth here offering fine leather bound first editions of Marcel Proust and E. M. Forrester.  Or a vintage wine and cheese stall.

But there I go sounding like an elitist once again.  Flea Markets serve a purpose (as do suppositories) in our society.  They provide us with a snapshot of our society today and its obsessions. 

However, all I can think of as I gaze out over the vast warehouse is that all this will end up as landfill – sooner, I suspect, than later. 

Happy Earth Day all.

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