Hanging on…

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton. 

The numbers are against her, both the popular vote and the delegate count, but she keeps on hanging on in her epic struggle to win the Democratic nomination for President.


A year ago, if you had said she would be in this position the pundits and experts would have laughed you out of the room.  They had it all figured out – the 2008 election would be a historic struggle between Hillary Clinton and Rudolf Giuliani. 

Well they got the historic part right – as in both these candidates are history.

Lots of time will be spend in the future analyzing just what went wrong in Hillary’s campaign, but right now, it is over.

She needs to go quietly out into that dark night.

And she will, on her own terms and at a time of her choosing.

Her continued presence in the race only helps to strengthen her opponent, Barak Obama, as he looks toward the vicious campaign that the Republicans are likely to run against him in the fall. 

And when the times comes as it surely will in the next few weeks, Hillary will step up to the podium and step out of the race.  She will take leadership in starting the process of healing the wounds that the Democrats have suffered during this protracted nomination race. 

She is too noble to do otherwise.

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