Enduring the MTV Movie Awards – help, my IQ went down 20 points…

“Video killed the radio star.”

This Buggles (remember them) video launched MTV in the 1980’s.  And we loved it.  Now, we could gorge on a steady diet of new wave music served up around the clock.

At first MTV was edgy and trend setting, hip and cool.

That was then…

Mike Myers wonders who pissed in his popcornWatching the MTV Movie Awards last night I had to reflect on just how far from hip and cool MTV has come. 

In Canada we had our home grown version down on Queen Street West at Much Music.  However, like most media today it was co-opted when Bell bought it and rolled it together with their anemic MTV Canada.

I have two teenagers in the house and neither was interested in watching last night’s show.  My son declared that “MTV is lame”.  He and his friends never watch it.

I confess that I only watch it for the annual movie awards show which used to be edgy and out there.  It was refreshing and self effacing – mocking the Hollywood establishment. 

Remember, the Lifetime Achievement Award to Clint Howard? 

That typified the MTV Movie Awards as ironic and hip, a refreshing anti-awards show. 

Now, it is just a bloated plugfest that panders to the demographic – no presenters over 40 please and, for god’s sake, no intelligent films. 

Sure the fans still get to vote for their favourites in a number of off beat categories such as Best Fight and Best Kiss.  However, even that has gotten stale and contrived producing some bizarre choices such as Will Smith for Best Actor in I am Legend and Transformers as best film (telegraphed by the numerous cut aways all evening to Michael Bay sitting in the audience).

The Awards have become so unedgy that MTV held on an endless long shot while presenters Seth Rogan and James Franco did a lame bit about smoking fake pot.  I mean why bother in the first place?

And that sums MTV up in general.  They don’t show music videos anymore just tepid reality programming aimed at their supposed demographic.  I think it would be more fun bobbing for apples in boiling water – or even watching the Speed Racer film again – than watching MTV.

And as lame as the American MTV has become the Canadian version is ten times worse.

The Canadian broadcast, in an effort to make it even more hip, featured an annoying live chat crawl throughout.  This had a really depressing effect when you realized from the onscreen comments that the audience appeared to be mostly braindead.

Throw in the pointless analysis of the MTV Canada panel who have the collective intelligence of the Thunderbirds puppets (apologies to International Rescue) and you have to wonder just who watches MTV today – comatose monkeys.

In the final analysis, the MTV Movie Awards have become everything they set out to mock in the first place.

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