The iphone comes to Canada, bend over so Rogers can plug it in…

Hi Dude, I'm Ted, will U B my Facebook Friend?Ever since the iphone was first released on an unsuspecting world it has been the top fetish item for the technocratie set. 

When Rogers announced that they would be making it available legally in Canada starting this week there was much joyous shouting and proclaiming to heaven. 

At last, Canadians would be able to get their hands on one.

The joyous outpouring, alas, has somewhat abated when Rogers announced their pricing plans.  They knew they had exclusive rights to the hottest new tech toy on the planet and they priced it accordingly. 

And in the process unleashed a very un-Canadian firestorm of protest. You can get a sample here at the ruined iphone blog.

Maybe we are just feeling a little cranky these days since the Canadian dollar rose to near par with its American counterpart and we still pay prices on items such as books that are over twenty percent higher than in the U.S.   Maybe it is just the desirability and cool factor of the i phone. 

Or perhaps it is just one more example of Rogers squeezing us by the gonads because they can.

However, the battle has been joined online using modern collaborative tools to focus the protest.  The disaffected masses have risen up and shouted “we’re mad as hell and we not going to take it anymore”. 

Or something like that…

Which I am certain, caused Ted Rogers to look out the window and yawn. 

You see being a long time robber baron and monopolist has surely made Ted just a tad blasé about the entire thing. 

Because he knows, in his heart of hearts, that once the whining dies down wallets will open and profits will flow as Canada rushes to adopt the i phone.

Update, Has Rogers Caved…

It looks like they might have, but just for a short time.  Rogers announced that they have reduced the plan price during an introductory period lasting until the end of August.  Maybe the sound of outrage has reached their tower.

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