The Great Canadian Spy Coin Caper

Canadian Spy Coins? Canada has been known for many things – snow, The Hudson Bay Company, Gordon Lightfoot, Hockey, Jim Carrey and William Shatner. However, espionage is not one something that Canada is renowned for. So imagine my surprise when I snow shoed down to the corner this morning to get the monthly newspaper only to discover that Canada has become a hotbed of spying activity, most notably with secret spy coins that transmit the whereabouts of the holder to some central control (yet unnamed).

In a country where Dudley Dooright is the closest we have to James Bond, this sounds highly unlikely, improbable actually. But these spy coins keep turning up in the pocket change of U.S. defense contractors. No one knows how they got there, or who is responsible. But I suspect that this is part of a hidden Canadian conspiracy against our neighbours to the south.

Operation Looney” has all the fingerprints of the Canadian government all over it. Maybe they have begun to subscribe to the old Mafia adage of “keep your enemies close and your friends even closer” or something like that.

Now, they have said that water will be the oil of the 21st century and Canada certainly has a lot of water. In fact, we share a lot of it with the United States. But, what if they are looking ahead to a time when things are not so rosy between us?

What if Prime Minister Steven Harper suddenly was revealed to be a Saddam like dictator (something his caucus might already be thinking) and he is secretly developing Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Or perhaps a crazed Conrad Black-like billionaire is planning world domination?

Or is it something less sinister like some sort of weird marketing study conducted by Tim Horton’s?

We need to be vigilant my friends, today it may only involve a few coins, but what if it spreads to Canadian Tire money? Our entire economy could be threatened. I’ll keep track of this as the conspiracy unfolds.

A follow up to yesterday’s iphone posting…

Cisco has jumped right in with the first lawsuit against the Apple iphone claiming they own the name. I think that this is somewhat bold of them since they share their name with a shortening. It looks like Apple may be forced to rename the phone out of the starting gate. We should help them out by suggesting some alternatives. My suggestion would be ‘THE MOTHER OF ALL PHONES’.

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