When it comes to screwing their customers Bell and Telus say “me too”…

Hey Gordon here's a text message for you.Not to be outdone in the greed department by their rival Rogers, Bell Mobility and Telus have just announced that they will begin to charge 15 cents for every text mail message you receive.  And to add insult to injury this will include unwanted text spam.

Our cellphone monopolists seem to have been working overtime lately to see who can extract the last drop of blood from their customers. 

However, as with the Rogers iphone protest I fear that things in the telecom arena may be reaching the tipping point. 

“I believe this was a poorly thought out decision.”

Industry Minister Jim Prentice complained as he demanded executives of Bell and Telus meet with him before the 8th of August to explain their rationale for the new pricing.

Prentice said the decision to charge consumers for incoming text messages will hurt consumers.

“While I have no desire to interfere with the day-to-day business decisions of two private companies, I do have a duty as minister of industry to protect the interests of the consuming public when necessary.” 

Pardon me for being cynical but I’ll wait and see.

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