Buffalo Wings at the Anchor Bar – one more off the list…

Yesterday, I eliminated one more item from my list of Things to do Before I Die

It was #39 “Eat Buffalo Wings at the Anchor Bar”.

the anchor barThe Anchor Bar for those who are not up on their culinary history; is the historic place where it is alleged that the Buffalo Chicken Wing was invented back in 1962.  Whether the story is true or not – and everyone seems to believe it is – the Anchor Bar manages to still sell a couple thousand pounds of wings a day.

More ambienceThe Anchor itself is located in a slightly seedy part of Buffalo and is one of those typical American bars with more ambiance than decor.  It appears to have grown haphazardly into a shrine for wing lovers from all over the world to make their pilgrimage. 

The menu includes lots of items besides wings, but let’s face it, wings is what everyone comes for.  We ordered a bucket of fifty – half mild and half medium – along with a side of fried potato skins and some Genny cream ale and authentic birch beer to wash them down.

Wings from the Anchor BarAnd they lived up to the hype and expectation, meaty and delicious with a slight crunch to them and just the right amount of bite to the sauce.

While it doesn’t rank up there with Watching the sun rise over the pyramids, or Staring down into the Grand Canyon, wings at the Anchor Bar was still a distinct pleasure.

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