The mile high club, DNC day one…

DNC Denver LogoIt’s all about the sizzle. 

Over the next few days the Democrats are meeting in Denver to nominate Barak Obama as their choice for President. 

And last night things got off to a promising start.  Michelle Obama took center stage to show us that the Obamas are just plain folk. 

After months of Faux News and internet blather and lies she had a chance to show America just what kind of first lady she will be.  And she did a great job proving that Barak Obama isn’t the only forceful speaker in the household.  Her speech was witty, insightful and, at times, emotional. 

The objective of the evening was to introduce Michelle Obama as articulate, intelligent, concerned and, especially, nonthreatening.  Her speech successfully met all these criteria.  She even took time to graciously acknowledge Hillary Clinton and her supporters, doing her part to encourage party unity.

The evening got off to a slow start with a speech by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi which was less than inspiring delivered in a low key style.  Perhaps this was deliberate to help set up the things to come.

The emotional highlight of the evening was Senator Edward M. Kennedy.  Kennedy who has been in treatment for a brain tumor was not expected to be at the Convention so the party commissioned a tribute film by Ken Burns to highlight his life and times. 

Then Kennedy himself strode confidently on stage and in a remarkably strong voice added his support for the party and Barak Obama.  It was true political theatre, the ailing warrior rising to rally his troops once more into battle.

Night one of the Denver DNC started the important job of framing Barak Obama for the American people.  Day two will focus on Hillary Clinton as she makes her address to the delegates and hopefully urges her supporters to rally behind Obama.

Stay tuned…

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