Master Bush’s Last Stand

Well, Master Bush has pronounced his latest initiative to end the war in Iraq. And it was met with a resounding thud. The latest polling data (if such things are to be believed) show that he has about 30% support among the American people.

So much for ‘political capital’ and the arrogance of his post 2004 election victory. George W. today is just kind of pathetic. I can picture him, a la Richard Nixon walking the parapets of the White House talking to the dead, knowing that his legacy will be one of disaster and despair.

It all has Shakespearian overtones, except that this tragedy has affected countless American families. Not bad for a guy who sat out the last American debacle pretending he was Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Thirty years from now when members of those families think about loved ones lost I don’t think they will have fond memories of George W.

However, George, for all his arrogance and hubris, is not the real villain in all of this. That distinction would have to be reserved for Lon ‘Dick’ Cheney and Ronald Dumsfeld who persuaded a malleable patsy that invading Iraq and stringing up Saddam would be a good thing for America. Now, Dick I can understand, because he choose not to serve in the military when he was invited, he was just too busy with his political career. But, Dumsfeld should have known better he was one of the few members of Bush’s inner circle who actually did serve in the military.

Others who had military backgrounds such as Colin Powell were not so anxious to become entangled in this quagmire. Remember Colin Powell’s prophetic warning to the inner circle, “You break it you bought it.”

So, there he was, Bush left dangling in the wind, desperately trying to sell a bill of goods I don’t even think he believes in anymore. I was especially touched by the interviews with military families who have loved ones in harm’s way and are desperately holding onto their President’s words, trying to make sense of a conflict that has already spiraled way out of control.

I think a good idea would be for each of them to go down to the store today and pick up a bumper sticker that reads ‘Impeach Cheney First’.

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