Frankenberry and Count Chocula address the RNC…

Fred Thompson addresses the RNCThe contrast is in the shots of the crowd.  I’ve been watching pundit free coverage on CSPAN of the RNC and everytime they go to a shot of the crowd the faces are always the same – white, well-fed and wrinkly.

There is also a palpable sense of anxious desperation etched on the faces.  Is this the proverbial elephant Turncoat Joe Lieberman addresses the RNC.graveyard?

Tonight was old ghoul night with highlight speeches by “Hollywood” Fred Thompson AKA Frankenberry and turncoat Joe Lieberman AKA Count Chocula.   Lieberman unfortunately didn’t stop with a strong endorsement of his friend John McCain, he openly attacked Barak Obama and instantly turned himself into a leper in the eyes of the Democratic leadership.

It was long on rah, rah and short on any kind of real substance. 

The sad truth is still sitting out there like a turd in the centre of the room – eight years of Republican leadership failure. 

Tomorrow night should be fun as Sarah Palin makes her acceptance speech and sucks what little air remains in the room.

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