May we live in interesting times…

Honey I shrunk the economy!The house of cards that once was the American financial system is falling faster than Sarah Palin’s poll numbers. 

Yesterday saw the single greatest drop on the New York Stock Exchange in history. 

Isn’t it fun to be part of history?

This morning presidential lame duck George W. Bush (oh how I love the sound of that) went on the air to assure the American people that the bail out of Wall Street has to go forward or we will be living in desperate times.  Rather than showing a steady hand at the tiller, George W. looked like he was way above his pay grade. 

Which in effect he is.  He also squandered all of his political capital and credibility long ago.  Sad, to say that no one trusts him to lead (if he ever did).

And that would be fine in normal times, with a sound economy like the one he inherited eight years ago.  But today, there is much more at stake than a pathetically failed presidency.  That sucking sound you hear is the void where real leadership used to be.

America is now a careening car going down a twisting mountain road with everyone in the back seat and no one behind the wheel.  America desperately needs someone to slide into the driver’s seat right now. 

John McCain appeared to have picked up the ball last week, dramatically suspending his campaign to go to Washington to help save the day, because that’s what a real leader does in a time of crisis.

Of course, he discredited himself long before he went to Washington by spending the day and a half after suspending his campaign – well, campaigning. 

His mantra of experience and leadership was further eroded by the alarming interviews his running mate Sarah Palin was giving.  Take Sarah away from her teleprompter and the results are pathetic.  Does this woman even read a newspaper.

Just because you pose for a photo op with the withered corpse of Henry Kissinger doesn’t increase your grasp of the complexities of foreign policy.

I cringed in horror as she painted the specter of Putin’s giant head floating over the norther border.  And her response to current economic crisis was to desperately throw out every talking point in her tiny quiver in the vain hope that something would make sense.

Needless to say the latest polls show a majority of Americans are terrified that she would be one heatbeat away from leading the free world in a McCain administration.

Barak Obama has not stepped forward either, but at least he has not done any harm.  His strategy of studying the situation may be the wisest.  After all we have seen the result of plowing ahead blindly over the past eight years. 

However, Obama still needs to step forward, like Roosevelt did (though not on TV as Joe Biden believes) and calmly assure the American people that they will weather the storm.

This is what they deserve to hear after eight long years of alarmist pronouncements and fear mongering from the top. 

This is the leadership that they need right now.

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