We’re back…

Thanks to the loyal readers who noticed that I have been off the air for a few weeks.

This was not intentional, but after almost two years of Sparkplugging I was suffering a mild case of blog burnout.

It’s not that there hasn’t been a lot happening what with the Presidential debate, the Canadian election and Sarah Palin’s latest strangeness. 

I just needed to take a short break.

Sad to say that my friend Douglas passed away last week after battling a long illness.  I wrote a piece on eating chicken wings at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo several postings back.  That was almost the last time that our family and Douglas’s spent time together.  We all had a great time that day. 

Again it is often the simple pleasures in life that can mean so much.  As Warren Zevon once said “Enjoy every sandwich.”

As we approach our second year I have been thinking a lot about Sparkplug and over the coming months I plan to take it in a new direction.  Over the next weeks I will talk about this further.

But for now, I have crawled out from under the bed and gotten back to work.

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